The NESP Program is a system that was developed by Gregory Alan Smith, M.D. The system was developed over a 12-year period. NESP is an acronym. The N stands for Nutrition, the E for Emotional/Psychological, the S for Social/Financial and the P for Physical. The six aspects of the chronic pain or chronic addiction experience.

NESP is an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that effectively treats prescription dependence or addiction. Patients who are chronic pain patients can effectively have their chronic pain treated simultaneously. The most common treatment is for opioid addiction, however, it is effective for drugs such as anti-anxiety drugs (Xanax, Valium) antidepressants (Prozac, Zoloft), and sleeping pills (Ambien, Lunesta), The advantages of an outpatient program is that patients can be with their families at night in their own home or hotel and have a private nurse with them for one on one attention for any issues that arise after hours. Our philosophy is that in-patient programs for prescription addiction are costly and unnecessary. This is in contrast to street drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine where in-patient treatment may be more appropriate.

The program utilizes a variety of intravenous infusions to quickly but safely discontinue the drug or drugs a patient is on without suffering withdrawal symptoms. It is customized depending on the patient ‘s needs. It is difficult for some to believe but very possible to have significant relief or even elimination of chronic pain in the face of getting off most or even all prescription drugs. 

The NESP program for overall wellness focuses on helping the body recover from stress, poor nutrition and improving energy and resilance. Most patients may also need to combine this with temporarily working with a functional nutritionist, cognitive behavioral therapy and other modalities such as Reiki and meditation for optimum results.

The NESP Program For Prescription Drug Dependence or Addiction

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The Importance of DNA testing in the treatment of addiction

DNA testing is becoming an invaluable tool in many fields of medicine, none more important than in the management of chronic pain and addiction.

The NESP programs utilizes the Proove Biosciences DNA Opioid Risk test and Drug Metabolism test. There are several DNA testing companies that have come on the scene over the past few years but Proove started with and emphasizes testing relevant to the treatment of chronic pain and addiction. There are several possible tests but the 2 tests we normally use include…


Who is a Candidate for the NESP Program ?

NESP is an acronym that stands for Nutritional, Emotional, Social/Financial and Physical/Psychological; the 6 aspects of the chronic pain and addiction experience. Addressing all these components of the chronic pain and addiction experience in the program enables us to achieve a nearly 85% success rate (5-year follow up data). Success is defined as patients staying off opioid painkillers, achieving a minimum of a 50% reduction of pain and a significant increase in function as defined by a 50% decrease in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) scores….


NESP versus Traditional “Detox Programs”

Chronic pain afflicts up to one third of the American population; and cost our society up to 635 billion dollars per year according to the American Pain Society. It is estimated that 45 million people suffer from headaches on a regular basis spending an astounding 4 billion dollars per year on over the counter headache remedies. Hundreds of millions more are spent on prescription drugs for headaches. Low back pain “the mother of all chronic pains” affects an amazing 70-85% of the population at some point during their lives. The vast majority of these patients are treated with addicting opioid medications,….