Gregory Alan Smith, M.D.

Dr. Smith is the former Director of Pain Management and Assistant Clinical Professor at Harbor UCLA. He formed the Comprehensive Pain Relief Group Inc. in 2001 and the GS Medical Center Inc. in 2004 of which he is the current President and Medical Director of both. Over a 12-year period, in 2005 Dr. Smith created the Nutritional, Emotional, Social, and Physical (NESP) Program to combat addiction and chronic pain.

In 2012 Dr. Smith formed Pain MD Productions Inc. from which he executive produced and co-wrote the feature films American Addict (2012) and American Addict 2: The Big Lie (2015) and is in pre-production for the feature film American Weed (2019). “I believe people can get vital information while being entertained at the same time, documentaries don’t have to be boring”.

He is the former host of the radio show Truth, Medicine, and Politics that aired on KABC in Los Angeles. He has appeared as a guest on numerous local and national radio and television shows. He has lectured around the United States and currently resides in Redondo Beach, CA with his family.