Intravenous (IV) Wellness

Many people in our busy society are experiencing high levels of stress, coupled with poor quality sleep, and poor diet. This can make the body susceptible to illness such as catching frequent colds, headaches, ulcers and even worse.

IV wellness infusions help jump start you and can be an important component of your overall wellness plan. Most of the infusions are less than an hour and often can be done during a lunch break or a Saturday morning.

While the media and much of our society focus on our outer appearance, true wellness is being healthy from the inside out. Focusing on customized nutrition, fitness, and emotional health, I believe is the key to true wellness.

People will spend tens of thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures for weight or skin issues while ignoring the root cause of most these problems which are the foods and drinks you consume, lack of regular effective exercise and taking care of your emotional and spiritual health through things such as meditation and yoga.

IV wellness is one of the ways to rapidly give your body nutrients that may be lacking or depleted. It can improve energy levels, focus, and concentration, reduce pain, alleviate stress and be part of a weight loss program.

As with most of our treatments they are customized, not cookie cutter so once we have an understanding of the challenges you face and what your goals are, a strategy can be put together for you.