What To Expect

Whether you are undergoing the NESP program or simply coming in for intravenous nutrition or ketamine your experience is designed to be easy and pleasant. When you arrive you may be asked to fill out some brief paperwork. You will be taken into a treatment room and your vital signs will be taken. An intravenous (IV) line is usually started in your non-dominant arm or hand. While this is taking place you will be asked some simple questions and you will be able to ask any specific questions you have.

Once your infusion is started you will be able to watch Netflix, play Xbox, listen to music, work on your computer or simply sleep. You will have complimentary organic snacks, water, and other refreshments in your room for your enjoyment. Depending on the infusion you are getting, you may have continuous monitoring such as oxygen saturation and blood pressure.

A medical assistant will be assigned to you while you are being treated. You will also have a walkie-talkie to communicate directly with the staff if you are experiencing any difficulties when no one is in the room.

Your physician or nurse practitioner will also be speaking with you, directing treatment and monitoring your progress. Patients that are receiving full-day treatments (NESP program, NAD, etc) will be provided with a complimentary lunch and dinner depending on the length of treatment.

The advantage of having an iv in place is the fact that we are able to treat any side effects such as nausea, pain, etc. immediately with iv medications. Many patients have chronic pain and they can undergo other treatments such as class IV laser therapy or cranial electrical stimulation while simultaneously being treated with their IV protocol.

Once the treatment is completed the iv is either discontinued or if you are returning for multi-day treatments (NESP, NAD, Ketamine, etc.) your IV may be hep-locked. This is a way to preserve your IV access safely and allow it to be used the following day(s) and avoid being “stuck” for another IB.



Nesp Patient Room